Ford Transit custom car seat covers

The production interior of your car leaves much to be desired?Are you looking for an opportunity to improve it to the level of VIP-class brands,so that all your acquaintances and friends are envious?Perhaps, you just want protect the car seat upholstery from dust, dirt and mechanical damage during the regular transport of passengers and pets?

It’s not hard! Car covers from ProCovers will not only solve all the issues of protecting the seats of your car, but at the same time radically improve the look of its interior!It doesn’t matter which car seat covers you choose, the interior would be protected and noticeably transformed.

 PRO  Business - from 119 eur (3 seats)
  • ECO leather STRONG
  • Wear resistance 50,000 times
  • Fabric-based leather
  • Average lifetime 3-5 years
  • Wide choice of colors
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Compatible with the AIRBAG
  • All technological holes
  • Back pockets with zipper
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